Mother of the Groom Duties

We have previously covered some of the responsibilities and etiquette for mother’s of the groom. However, there is so much to do and so many rules of wedding etiquette to follow that I have decided to break it down in order for you to get a better understanding of the various roles you should play when being an ideal mother of the groom. This post features a list of duties that you will need to perform in compliance with the couple themselves and the parents of the bride. Here are mother of the groom duties:

Mother of the Groom Duties

  1. Take initiative to communicate with the bride’s family, once the couple has announced the engagement. Plan a get together, and be cordial with your congrats with a warm welcome.
  2. You can host a dinner or party to introduce the various members of your family to that of the bride’s family in order to unite them and celebrate (this should not be the same as an engagement party- unless under the discretion and compliance with the brides family.)
  3. Presently with the bad economy, trends that once held the bride’s parents in charge of the main responsibilities have been waived. You may want to offer financial assistance towards the wedding, and the bride’s parents may be eager for you to share the burdens of dishing out the funds.
  4. You can assist the bride and her family in finding caterers,vendors, and florists to alleviate some of the pressures from other wedding party members.
  5. You can put together the list of guests that can be invited from your side of the family. In order to help the couple to recruit the necessary information to complete their save the dates and invites accurately.
  6. Attend the bridal shower and supply a gift.
  7. Make sure you consult with the bride’s mother as to what style, type, and color of dress she has chosen in order to respectively choose yours.
  8. Plan, finance, and host the rehearsal dinner.

Traditionally, the bride is the one that holds the reigns when it comes to assigning tasks and essentials for the wedding. However, before you self designate the duties you must remain respectful to the mother of the bride and the bride herself. If you get the permissions from them,  then you should feel free to carry out whatever tasks that you have requested to have. Just be sure not to step on anyone’s toes, and allow everything to take its course without hesitating to offer your helping hand.

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